Who is brand ambassador and why you need them in your brewery

Brand Ambassadors, Who are they and why do you need them in your Brewery?

Brand ambassadors are one of the most efficient parts of each brand, regardless of the industry. They’re even more important when it comes to food and beverage related businesses. Why? Cause no other marketing effort might bring real empathy and encourage other people to try the new beer or meal in your brewery, bar or restaurant in such a human way. Brand ambassadors offer huge benefits, such as giving your brand a boost on social media, spreading positive messages and increasing sales.

I’ve decided to touch upon this subject because as owners of breweries or bars your goal is to attract more customers to the location and no advertising will work as efficiently as Brand Ambassadors will!

In this post, I’ll define brand ambassador, show you why are they important for your brewing business and provide you with some guidance on how to „hire” one.



Brand Ambassador is an active social media user or socially active person who consistently promotes the products or services of a brand. Brand ambassadors typically leverage their social influence to increase brand awareness and represent the values and goals of your brand.

In addition to the advocates, the brand ambassadors have an ongoing relationship with the brand and work collaboratively to showcase new products or distribute relevant content. Brand ambassadors share a personal relationship with the brand and create a narrative with the brand.

Due to their personal interest and social influence, the brand ambassadors connect with the brands’ audience, bringing important insights back to the business.

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There are two types of Brand Ambassadors: paid and unpaid.

  • Paid Brand Ambassador is like the name suggests sponsored by a brand. Either directly by monetary payments (some of them accept ongoing generated sales percentage) or in exchange for free products or services.

    There’s a wide range of paid Brand Ambassadors, starting from celebrities getting paid for representing a brand to influencers demonstrating the product they received (for free from you) on social media.
  • Unpaid Brand Ambassadors are evangelists with organic enthusiasm for the brand (or romance how we use to call it).

They’re an unofficial representation of your brand and range in between your local customers, encouraging friends to try your product, local bloggers and online reviewers writing a positive review for your products.


Even though Brand Ambassadors are great „brand asset” (sorry for calling them this way), you have to keep in mind that they can’t be THE ONLY marketing channel. Hiring a Brand Ambassador and relying only on them won’t elevate your brand like by usage of a magic wand. Brand Ambassadors are a tremendous addition to your marketing strategy, cause in a fast and efficient way they bring great results.

Another thing to keep in mind is that quality is always more important than quantity. So do proper research while hiring a Brand Ambassador. It still depends on the budget your brand has delegated for marketing, but you can expect much better ROI [return on investment] after hiring an influencer associated with your industry, than by hiring 3 or 5 people who don’t resonate with the activities of your business or who don’t believe in or like your product. So don’t hire one just for the sake of having them in the team.

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There are different ways for brand ambassador research, but the right one for you strictly depends on the time you have for this task and budget associated with this type of marketing. Starting from local investigation throughout the most valuable and trusted customers to influencer online marketplaces.

  • Local „free” Brand Ambassador – yes you’ve read Free. There is a possibility to „hire” a free brand ambassador who might bring you a lot of awareness and farther sales. A good idea might be offering a collaboration with one of your most trusted customers. Why will they care? Offering highly discounted or free products in exchange for documenting every time they use it – literally drink a beer at your place (which might be a lot of fun), spreading the message about your product (within friends, business connections or by dropping some posts and tagging your brand on social media channels) might work good as a starting point and prepare you for changing this method for paid Brand ambassador in the future.

The good approach might be trying a Silent Ambassador Cards – to check if your customers can bring you results “hired” as a Brand Ambassadors (see it at the bottom).

Those tools can help you easily find, analyze, and connect with the most relevant and authoritative influencers in your niche. And yes, you can find them locally, or if that’s not the important factor, within the farther region or even globally. What kind of influencer you should look for strictly depends on the marketing strategy you prepare. Some might help you build awareness of your brand simply by writing an extensive blog article about your business or inviting their audience to one of the events you host.


Now you know that Brand Ambassador is a person who can actively and consistently promote your brand’s products and influence the sales results which are the core of your business existence. Leveraging the social influence of your Brand Ambassador, let you connect with your audience fast and also bringing insights back to your business. This way you’ll build an awareness of your brand and receive necessary feedback about your beer/food to let it match your customer’s expectations. The only thing you have to do now is to decide if it’s going to be one of your trusted customers, or do you prefer to spend some cash for social media influencers to elevate your sales and fill your location with more and more people.

If you’re not sure about this type of marketing, simply download our Silent Ambassador Card templates, create your own and share with your customers to see how much impact people have on driving each other towards brands.



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