Builds trust

Increase your brand value perception. Strong brand identity makes good impression
& builds trust within your customers, allowing you to oversell the competition.

Become an authority
in the industry

Gain trust in the eyes
of your customers

Put Less effort,
Increase profits

Brand Identity
sets you apart


Gain Advantage Over Your Competition

Brand Identity differentiates you from other boring companies providing similar products or services. It also helps you attract new customers by elevating your authority in the industry you operate in.


Increase Value & Attract More Customers

The Strong Brand Identity helps you stand out in a sea of other brands. The value perception of your business will be so high, your customers wants to get your product or services more often and pay higher rates because they trust you.


Spend Less and Grow Your Business Fast

Spend less on marketing and advertising and invest in scaling your business. Brand Identity will increase your value in the marketplace, hence your marketing and advertising campaigns will convert better so youcan grow quick and reach your goals faster.

Our client’s New Identities
& what do they testify

Turn ordinary into unique

Increase the Value perception of Your Business in 4 easy steps:

STEP 1: Schedule a Call

Click Start Your Project Button and pick a suitable time for our meeting. Let's meet each other and talk about your company goals, needs, your customers and how are your product or services benefit their lives.

STEP 2: Attend Discovery & Strategy Sessions

Answer all our questions during the descovery call and let us understand the core of your business. Attend our extensive strategy session and get help in defining your work culture, company attributes, values and true benefits of your offer to be sure your new identity will not only look good but actually be functional and attract your target audience.

STEP 3: See your Project Prototyped & Designed

See how your project is getting prototyped based on the direction we choose together to be sure it match your vision and customers needs, and later designed accordingly to the path we recommend.

STEP 3: Get Master Files Delivered & Prepare for Victory

Get your new identity implemented into your brand assets and eventual marketing collateral, as well as all master files delivered. Prepare to rule the battlefield and to celebrate great victory of your business!

Why is Brand Identity so Important?

Brand Identity is the starting point for new things to come. The same like your identity, it speaks on your behalf introducing your business to the world before you even say a word or two about it. The way people interact with your company strictly depends on how do they perceive it. You have only a few seconds to make a good first impression. Make it count and be sure the image your prospects and customers have in mind when they think about your business is good! Exactly how you want it.

Brand Identity helps you:

Raise your prices, because your customers trust in your value

Keep consistency of your image and messaging = better trust

Decrease spend on marketing, because you’ll become an authority

Clarify your message to attract the right customers

Build strong, long-term relationships with your clients

Grow your business way above 6 figures in less time

Improve marketing and website conversion rates

Generate more quality leads interested in your business

Get ahead of your competition and become a market leader

4 steps to
improve your authority

free resource

Want to grow your business to 7 figures?

This FREE eBook reveals 4 actionable steps allowing you to build an authority in the industry you operate in.
Following this short guide will help you:

• Become an industry leader
• Attract more customers
• Charge more for your product/service
• Reaching 7 figure revenue

Building authority to reach 7 figures ebook

direct impact on your business


Attracting New Customers

Marketing Campaigns

Business Value

Recurring Customers

Position in the Market

With Brand Identity

High Prices, High Sales

Easy, effortless

Effective, High ROI

High Value, Authority

Multiple, Easy to Retain

Strong, leadership position

W/o Brand Identity

Low Prices, Discounts

Difficult, Push-method

High Costs, Poor ROI

Poor Value, Business Treated as Commodity

Hard to Retain Customers

Just Another Business

Brand Identity Deliverables


Brand Definition


Mission Statement


Brand Typography


Imagery Style Definition


Brand Attributes


Main Logo


Brand Color Palette


Brand Style Guide (PDF)


Customer Profiles


Secondary Logo & Symbol


Custom Patterns / Icons


Master files

What makes working with us
so special?

With your new Brand Identity created by Brandman Design , you’ll be on the best trajectory
to accelerating the growth of your business and hitting 7 or 8 figures, faster than you thought.

Fully Customised Services

Every business has different goals and challenges. Our job is not to point you “ultimate north”. Instead, working by your side, we explore and analyse where the true north is and aim your business this direction.

Strategy Comes Always First

Every creative decision need to have a solid ground. Without a strategy every action would only be a walk in the shadows. No one wants to risk their business. Neither we do it with yours!

Your Success Our Greatest Concern

Solid relationships and our customers success is what drives us and motivates to facing another challenges. Your results speak on our behalf. That’s why we put your business as a priority. Always.


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