Raises Value

Increase value perception of your products or services.
Stop offering multiple discounts to boost sales, raise your prices and grow revenue.

Increase your prices
& Raise your Sales

Attract your ideal Customers

Stand out & oversell your competition

Creative Design attracts
more customers to your offer

Make Your Products or Services Stand Out

Most industries from the XXI century are already oversaturated. The best way to stand out and encourage prospects to choose your offer is to create stunning first impression. Creative design boosts curiosity putting your offer in front of the competitive.

Increase Value Perception & Raise Your Prices

Believing in the quality of your products or services isn't enough. Creative design increases the value perception of your offer and hence takes off the risk from your customers. All you'd have to do is proof that they were right to choose you.

Trust Your Value & Sell Like a Machine

Stunning experience, tasty packaging, professional print materials. Those aspects help you believe in your business again. You'll be more confident talking with your clients if you trust the value of your offer. There's no better way to do so than using design.

Our client’s Success Stories
& what do they testify

offer better value & skyrocket your sales

Aim Your Products or Services at the Needs of Your Customers in 4 Steps:

STEP 1: Schedule a call

Click Start Your Project Button and pick a suitable time for our meeting. Let's meet each other and talk about your company goals, needs, your customers and how are your product or services benefit their lives.

STEP 2: Attend Discovery Session

Answer all our questions during the descovery call and let us understand your business core. Attend our extensive strategy session and get help in defining your work culture, company attributes, values and true benefits of your offer to be sure your new identity will not only look good but actually be functional and attract your target audience.

STEP 3: Have Your Project Designed

See how your project is getting prototyped based on the direction we choose together to be sure it match your vision and customers needs, and later designed accordingly to the path we recommend.

STEP 3: (Re)Launch Your Offer & Sell Like a Machine

Get your new identity implemented into your brand assets and eventual marketing collateral, as well as all master files delivered. Prepare to rule the battlefield and to celebrate great victory of your business!

Greater Value=more sales

Pushing your products or services to your clients won’t increase sales. Not in the long-run. How to encourage people to make business with you? When you increase the value provided to your customers, they will more likely buy from you. It is obvious that people prefer to buy rather than be sale to. Our brains produce endorphins when we are happy. And everyone is happy when they make good, smart choices. Make your offer unique and allow your customers to be happy that they chose you.

Creative Design helps you:

Raise the prices of your products or services

Prove the quality of your offer

Attract the right customers willing to pay more

Decrease marketing and advertising spend

Grow your business way above 6 figures in less time

Limit offering multiple discounts to attract buyers

Launch new products or services quicker and see better results

Get ahead of your competition and become a market leader

Become recognisable in the industry and build a legacy

4 steps to
improve your authority

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Want to grow your business to 7 figures?

This FREE eBook reveals 4 actionable steps allowing you to build an authority in the industry you operate in.
Following this short guide will help you:

• Become an industry leader
• Attract more customers
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direct impact on your business


Attracting New Customers

Marketing Campaigns

Business Value

Recurring Customers

Position in the Market

Eye-catching Design

Increased Value Perception, High Prices

Easy, effortless

Effective, High ROI

High value, Modern, Timeless

More Customers Appreciating Your Value

Go-To Business for Specific Product/Service

Poor or No Design

Poor Value Perception, Small Prices

Difficult, Push-method

High Costs, Poor ROI

Poor Value, Business Treated as Overdated

Losing Clients to Your Competition

Always Behind Bigger Brands

Creative Design Projects


Packaging/Label Design


Promotional Flyers/Posters


Digital Banners




Corporate Print Collateral


Print Brochures/Catalogues


Social Media Images


Brand Enviromental Design




Keynote Presentations


Vehicle Wraps


Wayfinding Systems

What makes working with us
so special?

With your new Brand Identity created by Brandman Design, you’ll be on the best trajectory
to accelerating the growth of your business and hitting 7 or 8 figures, faster than you thought.

Fully Customised Services

Every business has different goals and challenges. Our job is not to point you “ultimate north”. Instead, working by your side, we explore and analyse where the true north is and aim your business this direction.

Strategy Comes Always First

Every creative decision need to have a solid ground. Without a strategy every action would only be a walk in the shadows. No one wants to risk their business. Neither we do it with yours!

Your Success Our Greatest Concern

Solid relationships and our customers success is what drives us and motivates to facing another challenges. Your results speak on our behalf. That’s why we put your business as a priority. Always.


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