New face of urban apparel e-store

A Minute Store, the urban apparel and active wear e-store run by Amin Tran is a place where young people find clothes and accessories of the brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, Levis’ and many more.

The Mission

When Amin started his business, he added a few letters to his name and developed a catchy name “a Minute” – (Amin + ute).

The store’s success will come from creating a unique, powerful identity and marketing materials that will represent a new face of the brand. By taking it to the next level, reflecting the high quality and highlighting that A Minute is the only seller of a certain style we will separate it from the competitive e-stores.

The output

Brandman Design went on to redesign the current logo, create a set of packaging designs, a collection of merchandise, and print collateral to promote the new voice of the Brand.

The impact

The project is currently in launch stage, but so far A Minute Store has already achieved a much wider reach and attracts new customers looking for trustworthy place to buy modern clothes and accessories.

The Founder is very happy with the deliverables and together with us expects doubling the revenue. We can’t wait to see the results matrix in the closest future.


  • A Minute Store


  • e-store rebranding


  • Brand Research & Strategy
  • Brand Identity System
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Collateral
Before a Minute logo
The old logo of A Minute Store
New Redesigned logo of A Minute Store

Recognising challenges,

Forming the brand definition.

Prior to engagement with Brandman Design, A Minute Store had used their current logo only as an avatar on the e-bay store website. Hours has been put into photoshoots, products description and further customer service. But with much concern in getting the branding right.

Brandman Design was brought in to explore the A Minute Store strengths, weaknesses and points where improvements might be done.

Working with the founder, we were able to discover the brand attributes, form the brand definition, prepare the plan,  and implement the steps in order to get into the emotions of the potential customers.

Regarding far distance between Brandman Design and client’s location (LA, United States) a lot of questions have been asked and together we came up with precise answers about: “How A Minute Store is different from the competition?”, “Who is the customer?”, “What values drives the brand?”, “What benefits brings it to the clients?”, and many more.

Brand Definition


  • urban
  • active
  • friendly
  • youghfull


  • young
  • adventurous
  • active
  • free


  • authentic
  • unique
  • urban
  • creative


  • excited
  • eager for more
  • free
  • youghfull

Brand attributes


creative and unexpected attributes of a Minute


Exclusive and authentic attributes of a Minute
Working on A Minute Store's logo




We have used minimalistic, bold typeface for the Brand name and merged it with a clock symbol – with apostrophe as the clock wing, pointing “a minute”. 

Black and white versions of the logo were complemented with red and sky blue colours (to choose from depending of the application). Those colours combined with the clock, highlight the movement and point to active wear.

The presented redesign of the logo was a positive surprise for the client.

” I guess I never really considered the name as a time reference (it’s more been a play on my name) I have never thought about adding a clock or anything related to that, ever. Love the idea though! “

– Amin Tran / Founder

Street wear. Man dancing on the street with denim jacket including a minute logo

the result

A Minute Store currently starts pushing the new identity of their store. Starting from e-Bay platform, through social media and live presence throughout merchandising. The public respond is amazing so far. A lot of regular customers as well as new ones complemented the new face of the brand. It becomes more recognisable and impressionable. 

With this campaign A Minute Store is ready to scale their business and maybe open a stationery store in the future. 

A Minute Store - Promo Poster
A Minute Store - Hero Image / Poster