Bringing Cuban Culture to wider audience

CubaNYC Experience, the exclusive New York City tour guided by Chris Vázquez is an event promoting Cuban culture and showing the most popular Cuban elements to the tourists visiting New York and all others interested in expanding their cultural knowledge.

The Mission

Chris Vázquez, or Cubano Chris as he’s known on social media, is a third-generation Cuban American from Miami currently living in New York City. He describes his purpose in life as connecting Cubans through culture by leveraging the elements of “Cubanidad” – the essence of being Cuban – to convert the Cuban diaspora into a powerful global network.

The venture’s success will come from creating an authentic, iconic identity and marketing materials representing the new face of the brand and promoting Cuban tour as an unforgettable experience among other city attractions.

The Output

Brandman Vision provided CubaNYC with a new brand identity, business collateral, merchandise, and marketing materials to promote the business and communicate the benefits of the work Chris does for the Cuban and Cuban American communities. We were able to develop very authentic Brand Identity and reflect the main goal of his business – Promoting the Cuban Culture in a great city of New York.

The Impact

Since the project has launched, CubaNYC Experience has been a tremendous success, achieving a much wider reach and resulting in triple the attendance in the event itself, priming the loyal followers of the brand for next event attractions.


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  • Marketing Collateral
Cuba NYC white logo - 3 NYC skyscrapers standing on Cuba island
New logo of CubaNYC Experience

A well balanced introduction.

Before hiring Brandman Vision, CubaNYC Experience hadn’t used either Identity or marketing materials. Such an interesting tour need to be well promoted. The story has to be introduced just before anyone decides to spend 2 hours to see what does it offer.

Chris teaches about incredible Cuban New Yorkers, makes you fresh Cuban cafecito, and lets you try raw sugar cane and maduros. How to touch on different parts of the tour without overwhelming it with too detailed, unclear brand identity?

Brandman Vision started right away from deep exploration process. Long debates with Cubano Chris came up with great results.

We have discovered the brand attributes and developed the brand definition which helps us understand the main pain-point of the venture – not a lot of tourists knew about CubaNYC Experience. It seems like it was missed somewhere in the crowd of different New York attractions.

Our main focus becomes creating a unique logo and materials which will be seen throughout the whole Cuban adventure, still reminding the customers that even they’re in NY, it’s all about Cuba.

Exploration Session

CubaNYC brand definition and attributes session. Build a brand process
Brand definition and attributes session
CubaNYC mindmap exploration
Brand exploration mind map


Speaking about the brand identity. We have combined clean, classic typefaces used for the brand name with an iconic representation of 3 most recognizable New York’s buildings (World Trade Center, Chrysler Building and Empire State Building) grown right from a Cuban Island.

The face of the brand is mostly presented on the dark backgrounds – black, dark blue and red, that’s why we have created a white version of the logo for the main usage. Accordingly, there is also a black version to be used on bright backgrounds.

The colour palette has been based on the colours of the United States flag – white, blue and red.

After that, we have focused on merchandise. 3 different t-shirts and guide ID were crafted with keeping in mind that those materials cannot overwhelm the users, as the main goal of the tour is to show the Cuban culture.

The final result came across with a great reaction from the client. Hereby his words:

Brandman Vision created the logo for my tourism business, the CubaNYC Experience. Marcin (the Brandman himself) was super engaged and ready and willing to help in any way he could. He was constantly reaching out to see how we could truly bring my vision to life. He went above and beyond with the details, turnaround time was so quick, and after a few iterations it was perfect. Marcin has a remarkable ability to take your description and present it to you almost as if he was in your head seeing it for himself. He even went so far as to jump on a video chat with me!!! HIGHLY recommend

Chris Vázquez / Founder

CubaNYC business card

The result

Right from the launch, the project brought CubaNYC Experience in front of a much wider group of people willing to spend some time to get know Cuban Culture as well as those who didn’t expect to learn about Cuba in the heart of United States. The attendance at Chris’ event has increased 3 times. 

The client is deploying successive the next elements of his marketing campaign, which has been planned during the strategy session with Brandman Vision and his revenue goes progressively up. 

CubaNYC busstop poster promoting the Manhattan Cuban tour
CubaNYC poster promoting the Cuban tour over Manhattan
CubaNYC Guide ID card
CubaNYC t-shirts (red blue and dark grey)
CubaNYC t-shirts (red blue and dark grey)

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