Freia beauty products hitting retail shelves

FREIA, hair and skin care products manufacturer founded by Eli Frei, provides the most demanding women clientele with high-quality hand made products. The company started in 2017 as hand and face cream production for other brand’s needs, finally decided to hit the market with their own product lines.

The Mission

The cream producent known only by the bigger brands (protected by trade secret) which it supplies came up with a decision about launching their own product lines.

The retail adventure success will come from developing catchy brand name, building a luxury, feminine identity and creating packaging designs for first 2 product lines prepared for the market. Well planned positioning alongside distinct design style will definitely help Freia break through and stand out in pretty competitive beauty products industry.

The Output

Brandman Vision came up with memorable name for the brand (referred to Norwegian origin of the founder), created female oriented Brand Identity and designed minimalistic packaging with a sense of luxuriousness to position the Brand as driven by quality organic products seller.

The Impact

The new Identity helped Freia with launch phase and positioned the brand in the right spot. Right from the launch of the promotion in small boutique chemist’s both product lines received a lot of positive reviews. It took only a month for Freia to expand their reach to farther market places in bigger cities. The owner truly believes that this is just a beginning of the new path for her company. Maybe even opening their own stores in the future.


  • Freia Health and Beauty


  • Brand Identity
  • Crimson Rose Line
  • Pure Lavender Line


  • Brand Research & Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity System
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Collateral

From unknown manufacturer to top shelves position holder.

From the beginning of its existence, company focused on manufacturing the base for creams which other brands sold successfully on different markets. They didn’t feel like identity is a big deal. Time passed by and without further growth strategy it was impossible to reposition the venture into the relevant beauty product seller.

Brandman Vision was invited to analyse the current position and develop a path which will guide to totally different place and increase the business results of the company. We have started from deep discovery session.  A few short video sessions with Eli helped us understand the vision she has for her business. We were able to understand what the target audience is and together with her clearly define the brand attributes and definition.

From that spot we were ready to start exploring the competition and visualise some of our ideas for the Brand Identity.

Brand Definition


  • passionate
  • dedicated
  • ambitious
  • carying


  • mature
  • modern
  • impartial
  • confident


  • authentic
  • luxurious
  • client oriented
  • organic


  • excited
  • safe
  • well cared for
  • ready

Initial Brand Stylescape

Brand exploration styles cape explained

How do we attract the most demanding customers with organic products?

Our job was to address FREIA’s organic products to those women who doesn’t have time to check tens of products to decide which is worth staying with. We have to convince them to try a smaller brand’s product and prove its value before yet opening the packaging. 

We have chosen elegant, minimalistic typeface to be the main aspect of the Brand Identity and complemented it with “F” letter surrounded by subtle ornament.

Freia Target audience description

Awake interest without overwhelming. ​​

To highlight that Crimson Rose and Pure Lavender products not only help women look and feel better but also give a sense of being cared for we fit floral patterns into a minimalistic design of the packagings. Using white colour as a base, choosing simple, classic typefaces we get to the point where nothing else could be added to not overwhelm the audience.

We also took a brave initiative to break through this pattern by reversing the colours of some of the designs. Just to raise the attractiveness and make the sets stand out from other homogeneous brand’s products.

Freia Skin Care Pure Lavender product line packaging designs
Pure Lavender Product Line
Crimson Rose Hair Care Products
Crimson Rose Shampoo and Conditioner

” I had some ideas in my head how I wanted it to look like, but never expected such a great results! It’s like when you imagine something but don’t know how to explain or express that. The work with Brandman Vision not only brought us beautiful visuals and showed that there is an possibility to keep up with bigger brands or even outrun them but also helped me know my company better.”

– Eli Frei / Founder

The result

The project brought better results than was expected. Both Crimson Rose and Pure Lavender product lines have received a great deal of concrete attention and support in the local domain in Tromsø. After such positive response the company is ready to expand the reach to the biggest Scandinavian cities and further to center European market.

freia stationery
freia store front

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