a Minute Logo painted on the warehouse wall. White word mark with red clock symbol.

60 seconds!

A Minute means 60 seconds. It is also a name for street wear e-store founded by Amin Tran.

The store sells modern apparel and provides the greatest satisfaction to their customers by setting competitive prices. They are the only seller of a certain style.  A Minute offers items of the brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, Levis’ and many more.

When Amin started his business, he added a few letters to his name and developed a catchy name “a Minute” –

During the store activity he realised that their current logo isn’t reflecting any of the brand attributes and isn’t recognisable enough. It was time for changes!

Brandman Design Co. has been hired to recreate the whole brand identity and set the new position in front of the competition. 

Street wear. Man dancing on the street with denim jacket including a minute logo

time Pressure red

Street grey

Sky Blue

Concrete grey

a Minute logo. The main version. Black word mark - A Minute Store with red clock symbol

To build credibility with young clients, the new brand used only images and language that’s authentic and spoke directly to what their customers care about – style and comfort.

Exclusive and authentic attributes of a Minute
creative and unexpected attributes of a Minute

The attributes of the company were clear and  well known by its founder, we just needed to put them front. So we did, by creating the new Identity from scratch.

New face of A Minute and its visual system reflects Urban Authenticity and Uniqueness.

Before & After

Before a Minute logo
a Minute logo. The main version. Black word mark - A Minute Store with red clock symbol

Idea. Execution. Period.

Consistency is key to establishing a new brand position. To protect the integrity of the work done during the development process, Brandman Vision planned accurately every creative step to provide A Minute with the best solutions for greater results. 

It’s all about leaving the competition far behind and securing the strong place of the brand in the industry.


a Minute black gift-card for 100$. White Logo with red clock

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