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TSIN Enterprises

4 in ONE. Intuitive. Precise.

TSIN is an Australian shell company created by Michael Tsintominas. The group is a consolidation of 4 divisions – Legal, Accounting, Capital and Real Estate.

What is so special about it? Good question. 

TSIN is not a regular enterprise. They offer whole range of business services for companies that aim to reach fast and stabile growth. By delivering the most intuitive strategies and following unconventional steps for everyday tasks TSIN improves their clients workflow and allows them to focus on their proper business.

5 circles with main brand attributes. 2 focus attributes orange, another 3 grey

What makes TSIN unique?

Right from the first conversation with Michael we have discovered that his company focus on delivering intuitive and unconventional services for professionals. The voice of TSIN needs to be modern and minimalistic but still giving the sense of security and fulfilment to their clients. 

How to merge those goals? 

By merging the goals and values we’ve reached the conclusion that TSIN is



Tsin typefaces - montserrat black and regular
Tsin business folder. Grey folder with corporate building image, Tsin logo and divisions.
Tsin logo symbol - the 4 dots symbol of 4 divisions
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4 Divisions of TSIN enterprises
Tsin Real Estate division logo and brand elements on billboard

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