Bringing fresh ideas

straight to the kitchen table

FarmHouse is a resourceful consulting group providing unique and cost effective solutions to the pig and poultry farmers in Canada and United States. They cut through the red tape and use direct approach to ensure the profitability of the farms.

So when they came to us with a fresh vision, we knew we needed to build a solid, authentic identity to elevate their position in the market and create a unique, inspiring brand with straight messaging. 


Brand Development

Voice & Tone

Identity Design

Print Collateral

Primary logotype

FarmHouse Primary Logo. Golden Barn symbol in circle and black company name on the side

Colour palette

FarmHouse colour palette including main gold and green



FarmHouse Pattern - gold pattern on gold background

Secondary logotype


Different than

other consultants

FarmHouse delivers smart and disruptive feed programs promoting health and digestion of the farm animals.

During the discovery process Brandman Vision came to the conclusion that the inspiring voice of the brand builds the confidence of their professional customers.

We also found out that FarmHouse is the most straightforward consultancy characterised by Quality and Integrity.

FarmHouse is seen by their customers as


FarmHouse presentation slides in an isometric scene
FarmHouse folder design. Green document folder with logo and image at the front and pattern inside
FarmHouse logo reveal animation
Pigs eating on a meadow in an organic meat farm
FarmHouse Swine feed programs. Chickens eating in organic poultry farm
Farm house Enjoy your farm brochure
Farmer using Farmhouse consulting
FarmHouse business card given

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