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coffee & tea

PARO is a small coffee shop located in the heart of Zephyrhills (Florida), offering high quality coffee and tea, and promoting conversational atmosphere in their location.

PARO imports their beverage ingredients straight from Africa, cutting off the 3rd parties, to provide best quality, natural coffee in affordable prices. To drink with friends in the store or take it away.

Our job in this assignment was to merge high end product with friendly and casual place. PARO desired to look modern and minimalistic but stay away from common identities including coffee or cup symbols.

Their goal was to stand out from other coffee shops providing same type of hot beverages by putting focus on the importance of the atmosphere and company while sharing a coffee.


  •  Brand Research & Strategy
  •  Brand Identity System
  •  Print Collateral
  •  Packaging Design

project direction

During the brand strategy sessions, together with stakeholders we have have reach the conclusion that foremost the PARO brand should be received as Fresh and Friendly, still reminding its customers that high Quality product together with a great Current atmosphere during consumption is what company cares the most about.

logo concept

After testing different directions we have found that implementing image of the parrot might be a great connector between “conversations” and “coffee supply locations”. As the product is imported from Africa, we wanted to choose an animal which might represent this contintent somehow. Keeping in mind that busy coffeeshops are mostly pretty noisy, we realized that a parrot will highlight ths in a great way.

Minimalistic symbol of a parrot with a coffee/tea tree sprout becomes the most recognized company asset.

PARO colors & location
PARO Business cards
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PARO Coffee packaging - big pouches
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PARO logo
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