Crafting new local Brewery brand

Yucatan Brewing Co.

This is a self-initiated project for local brewery opening in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yucatan is a startup brewery launched by two friends passionate about beer and wanted to bring something new to the industry. Sam and  Nick becomes bored by the regular retail beer offer, they decided to open their own beer business. 

Yucatan delivers flavoured beer inspired by Mayan culture. Idea of connecting the owners passion around ancient cultures, Mayans in favour, with the company professional activity becomes our goal.

Starting from name creation and strategic brand positioning Brandman Design Co. put the brand in front of the competition and help them with attracting a great amount of customers. The scope of the project includes also brand identity and packaging designs for Yucatan first product lines prepared for retail.


  • Naming
  • Brand Research & Strategy
  • Brand Identity System
  • Packaging Design
  • Promotion / Launch
Yucatan banner ancient pride
We build brands like Yucatan Brewing Co.
Yucatan logo wide banner with noise
Mighty Hawk 8can box
Young man drinking Proud Iguana Beer
Yucatan Opening Party
Proud Iguana 8 can box
Great Macaw 8 can box
Yucatan name explanation
Yucatan brand colours


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Yucatan packaging exploration
Proud Iguana Yucatan beer packaging
Yucatan brand T-shirts
Yucatan cap
Yucatan founders in brand t-shirts
We craft brand identities like Yucatan Brewing Co.
Yucatan kegs

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