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Your success our greatest concern. We build, create and improve.
We prepare solid starting positions and rocket-launch brands.

branding is what we do

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Helping you grow your business
Way beyond 6 figures

Increase the Value Perception

Shaping a unique story and building solid image will increase the value of your offer in the marketplace, assuring your customers you’re the right choice for their needs.

Decrease Marketing
& Advertising Spend

Creating a solid base for your business allows you to decrease the budget spend on underperforming marketing and advertising campaigns, hence increase the all future ROI.

Exponential Growth

Scale your business by turning it into a beloved brand. Branding helps companies build trust fast and grow steady and brings long-term results with smaller input.

our creative team

Marcin Rzymek


Marcin is a strategist and designer. He’s responsible for all creative output, working directly with clients on branding and web design projects. Driven by our clients results he push the boundries to reach every goal. Always.

Nastazja Rzymek


Nastazja is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly in our studio, from initial data collection to project delivery. She’s also controlling if Brandman Design is heading in the right direction, and running the office.



As an Army General and visionary you’re responsible for sharing with us the most crucial data about your business, its goals, needs and customers. You are also providing us with timely and honest feedback about each milestone of the project.

build a solid base for growth.
We help you solve:

Spending most of your budget on underperforming advertising

Hitting the plateau, cannot pass through 6 figures in revenue

Having unsatisfied or unhappy customers

Working 12-16 hours a day, spending days “at the office”

Poor marketing campaigns ROI, poor quality leads

Lack of confidence and belief that something might change

What we did for our clients
& what do they testify

how to grow your business
with us?

Contact our
Branding Base

Attend Discovery
& Strategy Sessions

Have Project Created
& Implemented

Watch Your
Business Grow

But How Does it Work?

Whether you want to decrease spend on marketing and advertising, enhance value of your business to attract more customers,
or drive more revenue to finally escape 6 figures threshold, our creative services will get you exactly there, or even way farther.

Brandman Design has quickly become one of the most trusted companies in creative industry (Awarded a TOP B2B Company in UK and Poland in 2020). Created by Marcin Rzymek, Brandman Design has helped multiple entrepreneurs and startup founders clarify their message and build solid brand base. And the results are incredible. Many of our clients have reported doubling and even tripling their revenue while spending less on their marketing and/or advertising efforts. Newly created companies have landed their first projects or sold first products right after we finished our work together. Isn’t it fantastic?

Brandman Design is working with a select number of clients each year. We can help them analyze their business pain-points, goals and needs, create customised brand strategy, build or improve their identity, and clarify their messaging so whatever marketing strategy they are going to implement, it will work.

To become a proud entrepreneur and grow your business exponentially:
1. Book a meeting with us | 2. Answer our questions during discovery session and receive a new strategy | 3. Watch how your new identity is created and messaging clarified and have new brand assets implemented | 4. Look how new customers “walk into your door” and enjoy your brand new business.

Without a solid brand strategy created and implemented you spend on underperforming marketing and advertising campaigns. But your customers are looking for more than just having your products or services pushed in front of their eyes. They’re looking for a story they could be a part of, the mentor they can trust and community they could join. Branding your company is your path to amazing, long-term results for your business while enjoying the dreamed entrepreneurship journey.

Escape the ordinary and turn your business into a real brand today.

award winning studio

Top UK B2B Company in 2020

We have been awarded a Top UK B2B Company title in the second year of our existence on United Kingdom’s soil. The projects we’ve created for small companies from around the globe allows us to be listed right next to much bigger agencies.

Accredited Creative Agency 2020

Brandman Design Co. has been nominated and listed by DesignRush as one of the Top Branding Agencies providing Branding and other creative services for Small to Medium enterprises.

Top B2B Branding Agency in Poland

Right after moving back to Poland we have also been named a Top B2B Branding Agency in our motherland. Providing both global and Polish clients with our creative services we help them accelerate their growth.


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