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Brandman Design Co. is an independent branding and marketing studio with expertise over Brand Strategy, Identity and Packaging Design. London registered, but operating remotely, cause with modern technologies – distance is not a case.


Whether you're a startup, or SMB looking for ways to grow, then you've reached the right base.

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strong & honest partnership

We don't work with companies, we work with people instead. Cause every business is made of its members. We share interests, needs and dreams with each other. We discover mutual interests, and seek approaches to diverse and distinctive storylines. We know, that it's the only way the greatest results can be achieved.

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Strategy comes first. always.

We constantly generate new ideas and more efficient ways to solve problems and overcome challenges. We're agile and responsive,  quickly and appropriately adapting to changing situations. Although without a solid plan, no-one could expect bold results. That's how our clients stay far ahead of competition.

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Small but powerful

We are small studio made of true passion believers. It drives people's actions and becomes a trigger for creating great things. We're really excited about doing an excellent job for brands that we believe in — from worldwide giants to ambitious startups. We believe that size doesn't matter, but results are!

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Marcin Rzymek

Founder & Creative Director

Marcin Rzymek (known as Major Brandman) is a brand strategist, creative and web designer with expertise over brand identity and packaging design.

As the CEO of our Creative Agency, he leads each project from start to end. Either working alone with the clients or including one of our partners he brings extraordinary results to each project.

He worked in a variety of positions and companies before starting his entrepreneurship journey, and none of those were directly associated with design. This is how he gain necessary experience in human relationships and different projects management.

His greatest passions were and still are – branding and graphic design. During all those years the only option for doing what he loves was landing some freelance jobs and treating it as a “side hustle”. With 8 years of experience in design and some successful projects on his side, he finally found the courage to start on his own. That’s how our remote creative agency—Brandman Design arised.

Marcin is driven by understanding the core of every business and bringing the most out of it. He believes that every growth driven decision needs to have solid fundamentals.

Creative Agency like no other

We inspire and challenge our clients to think different and see their business from a perspective they’ve never seen it before. Being honest about business pain points is the starting point and one of the most important things each entrepreneur has to do before we jump into planning the growth strategy.

Our primary motive is to see the outcomes. We are inspired by our own good cases. That’s how we acquire new growth experiences and possibilities. The outcome is both the ultimate objective and the starting point for fresh accomplishments.

This approach differentiates us from others!

We ask many Questions.
Those Awkward too.

In collaboration with you, we find the right answers. Not the ones which you’d like to hear, but the ones your business needs. To help the best way we have to ask many questions, those uncomfortable too. We might even discredit what you believe you need from us. 

We find Solutions for the Most Uncommon Assignments.

We don’t fear experimenting and doing something new, as finding creative approaches to ordinary tasks is the only way to win people’s hearts. A courageous concept is at the heart of every successful project.

We are in favor of a Creative Approach.

For us creativity is an essence of visual perception. All our senses, feelings, and wishes are triggered by this. Our mission is to bring your brand, pack it with care and taste and make it appealing to your customers and users.

Your Business - Our Greatest Concern.

Our primary objective is not only to attract attention to your brand, but to make it your client’s favourite. We make clear paths to bring out the strongest, positive experiences. We win loyalty and ensure that your product remains in the minds of your audience. For long.

„The design should be functional and elevate brands, not only make them look good.

All branding and marketing efforts should be based on a solid plan. Otherwise we won't be able to expect and measure the success.”

our clients

FarmHouse Consultants

A Minute Store


CubaNYC Experience

Beauty by kitten

Yucatan Brewing co

Land Sea Air Media

A day in the life of people

Pegasus Architects

A cut Above barbershop


Brandlab Company

Fit Parents


Makeup Tola

DJ Dublersi

DJ Sirvo


Freia health & Beauty


TSIN Enterprises

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Chris Vázquez CubaNYC Experience | Founder

Brandman Design was super engaged, ready and willing to help in any way they could. They went above and beyond with the details, turnaround time was so quick, and after a few iterations it was perfect... HIGHLY recommend

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David Mocarsky Land Sea Air Media | CEO

Brandman Design has done two projects for me. Marcin is very easy to work with and his style is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. He was taking everything I was looking for into account and soliciting input on each and every detail.

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Manuel Rodriguez WokoLoco | Owner & Director

I absolutely recommend working with Brandman. From the start,their approach was very professional and I could notice their experience/knowledge about branding and the social media marketing with every idea they proposed.

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Kristen Esgate Beauty by Kitten | Co-Fouder

Great experience! They made a great job with revamping our logo and updating it! it's beautiful! Great communication and updates. Highly recommend it!

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Michael Tsintominas TSIN Enterprises | CEO

Marcin created an elegant and modern brand identity for my company. It's exactly what you need from a designer, a brand that will last the test of time without needing to change. Thanks, Major!

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Daniela Zirrizotti LockSox | Marketing Director

I'm so thrilled with the Logo Brandman created for my client! Marcin is so friendly, open minded and great to work with. He pays attention to detail and is super patient. I 100% recommend Brandman Design and know that I'll for sure return in the future.

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Casey Conemac A Day in the Life of People | Owner

The creator of this company is punctual, very detail oriented, and most of all always stays true to his word. Would highly recommend his work to anyone that needs a brand identity.

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Magdalena Plachkova Brandlab Company | Founder

I am amazed by the work, professional approach and outstanding skills of Marcin - the Brandman behind Brandman Design! 😉 He saw through my vision and made it come to life taking care of every detail.

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