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Building awareness, increasing revenue, improving efficiency.
That’s what we make for our clients.

Awareness to let
people know you

Revenue to grow
& scale your business

efficiency to decrease efforts & sell more

we Work with

(funding stages)

Build your startup business by creating an interesting story putting your clients in front. Our Branding services will give you a solid foundation to build on and allow to pass through 6 figures threshold.

Small Companies Operating Locally

Branding is your path if you have an existing local clientele and want to enhance the value of your offer. It also makes your business unique, hence moving it ahead of the competition.

Medium Ventures & Global Enterprises

Growing from 7 to 8 figures takes time and effort. Our customised services will find pain-points of your business and increase profits by both driving more revenue and decreasing costs.

some of our projects

Creating a Brand Identity, Website and Digital Marketing Strategy for Polish Renovation Start-up.

„Brandman Design created a strong and professional identity for our new company that gives us huge confidence boost. Especially that right after finishing the project and launching our website we have signed a few projects within a week!”

Krzysztof rzymek  |  founder

Brand Strategy  |  Brand Identity  |  Car wrap  |  Print Collateral  |  Website  |  Social Media Marketing Strategy

Building a solid base to build on. New Brand Identity and Website for Architecture & Interior Design Firm.

„We struggle with defining who we are and how do we help our clients. Brandman Design went above and beyond to bring the most out of our small studio helping us understand how should we leverage visual language to tell our story”

Thomas mc cormic  |  ceo/founder

Brand research & Strategy  |  Brand Identity  |  Website  |  Print Collateral  |  catalogue design

Realising the Brand Vision of a Canadian Farm Consultancy Entrepreneur.

„Marcin is a true professional. His creativity is second to none as he’s my go to for creating outstanding branding for FarmHouse. He’s worth a look. Give him a call, you won’t be”

Neil Dobson  |  co-Founder

Brand research  |  Brand Identity  |  car wrap  |  Print Collateral  |  Packaging Design

Brewing up a New Brand Identity and Package for Coffee Roasting Company.

„We know how to make great coffee, what we don’t know is how to attract more customers and gather them around this amazing beverage. Not long after we implemented our new image and started promoting conversations rather than just coffee, our sales sky-rocket”

Pablo Rodriguez  |  ceo

Brand research & Strategy  |  Brand & product naming  |  Brand Identity  |  Packaging design  |  Print Collateral

Redefining a Brand Identity and Creating Packaging for a New Norwegian Beauty Brand.

“The work with Brandman Design not only brought us beautiful visuals and showed that there is a possibility to keep up with bigger brands or even outrun them but also helped me know my company better.”

Eli Frei, FREIA, Founder

Brand research & Strategy  |  Brand naming  |  Brand Identity  |  Packaging design  |  Print Collateral  |  POS

“It’s such a wonderful feeling seeing your passion to the beer connects with ancient civilisations fascination. Thanks to Brandman we were able to reflect our brewing spirit in a beautiful way and encourage people of Phoenix to try new exotic flavors!”

Samuel Bron  |  Co-Founder

Brand research & Strategy  |  Brand & Product naming  |  Brand Identity  |  Packaging design  |  Print Collateral  |  Merchandise

CREATIVE FREEDOM – Concept Project

Brand research & Strategy  |  Brand & Product naming  |  Brand Identity  |  Packaging design  |  Print Collateral  |  Merchandise

We make our clients

Raise the prices, because customers trust in their value

Stop offering multiple discounts to raise sales numbers

Decrease spend on marketing, because they became an authority

Introduce new products or services to the market quicker

Build strong, long-term relationships with your clients

Grow their businesses way above 6 figures in less time

Improve marketing and website conversion rates

Generate more quality leads interested in their business

Get ahead of their competition and become a market leader

What makes working with us
so special?

With your new project created by Brandman Design, you’ll be on the best trajectory
to accelerating the growth of your business and hitting 7 or 8 figures, faster than you thought.

Fully Customised Services

Every business has different goals and challenges. Our job is not to point you “ultimate north”. Instead, working by your side, we explore and analyse where the true north is and aim your business this direction.

Strategy Comes Always First

Every creative decision need to have a solid ground. Without a strategy every action would only be a walk in the shadows. No one wants to risk their business. Neither we do it with yours!

Your Success Our Greatest Concern

Solid relationships and our customers success is what drives us and motivates to facing another challenges. Your results speak on our behalf. That’s why we put your business as a priority. Always.


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