Double excitement at your private party!

So what is this about? Some time ago we have met two Gentlemen who wanted to help private party organizers with creating the most exciting experiences. Both Błażej and Daniel are young DJ’s struggling to find the best way to provide they music services. They’ve decided to start a collaboration and chosen private party sector as their niche. But how to start without a name and image?

How should people call us?

Brandman Vision took the assignment and started right away from  developing a catchy name. The first session showed us the path which Daniel and Błażej want to go and together with them we’ve decided to choose a name – DUBLERSI.

It is a mix of 2 words: DU – Dudi (Daniels nickname), BL – Two letters from Błażejs name. DUBL sounds like nothing so we’ve extented it and make it  sound almost like DOUBLE, but hm… more Polish way.

That's our style.

During deeper exploration process we’ve realised that they love old-school vibes. Music, movies and clothing. But how to mix classic gentlemen attributes with a modern DJ’ profession?

We’ve found a way!

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